Brent Scheffler

Brent Scheffler

Software engineer, vintage Vespa enthusiast, and avid beer drinker.

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My name is Brent Scheffler and I have been working with computers since I was 12. At age 12.5 I had my own 2400 baud BBS running. Times have changed, but my interest and passion for all things computers has not. I began working with BSD and Linux in 1997 and continue to be an open source junkie.

A large part of my career has been in web development - mostly in an open source environment. I have also worked quite closely with hardware and networking and am completely comfortable setting up Apache in a terminal shell. I am completely capable and fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and of course PHP and MySQL. I strive for newer more complex projects and need an opportunity to explore and learn new languages and systems. Some may cringe at the thought, but I thoroughly enjoy API programming, development, integration, and deployment.

Outside of computers, I enjoy working on and restoring classic Vespas or meeting up with other scooter enthusiasts for a rally around Seattle. I love traveling and have studied (and worked) abroad in Germany for a year. Although not a native of Washingston state, I consider the Seattle area to be my home.

Technical Experience

Professional Work Experience

zulily [8/2012 - Present]

Position: Sr. Software Engineer, Site Services

  • Built API from ground-up to support new version of mobile apps (iPad/iPhone & Android)
  • Built out fully RESTful API to support internal business services
  • Massive data migrations (MySQL) [4/2012 - 7/2012]

Position: Sr. Software Engineer
Playmark is a start-up focused on helping sports stars and other popular personas promote themselves as a brand identity.

  • Developed growth strategy for current hardware configuration.
  • Lead development on and completed mobile app API.
  • Developed growth strategy for current code base and applications.
  • Event tracking integration using KissMetrics.
  • Implemented significant gains in application performance by integrating various caching stragtegies (APC and Memcache.) Tracked performance gains using New Relic service.

ground(ctrl) [6/2008 - 4/2012]

Position: Lead Developer
ground(ctrl) is a social media and community engine for artists and celebrities and their fans with features like member accounts and profiles, blogs, discussion forums, ticketing & VIP experiences, and merchandising. I lead the developers and direction of development of all company projects. Significant projects included:

  • Internal business management system (user and admin management, product, inventory, and warehouse management, order fulfillment, customer support, financial reports, etc). Built in ZendFramework.
  • End-to-end redesign and implementation of company order fulfillment process: including restructuring data model, integrating 3rd party shipping APIs, and setting up warehouse hardware.
  • Co-creator of crowd(ctrl) [6/2005 - 6/2008]

Position: Program Director
The Windows Secrets Newsletter is a weekly e-mail newsletter about security related issues, especially in Microsoft products, including reviews of the latest patches from Microsoft. Maintain and manage web site, e-mail servers, as well as develop new applications and automate day-to-day business practices. Web server is RHEL5 with Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Current projects include extracting static archived HTML content into indexed searchable dynamic content. Parsing of HTML files to extract data using regular expression pattern matching.

KEXP 90.3 FM [5/2005 - 6/2005]

Position: Webmaster Intern
Assist the webmaster with all aspects of web development on, both external and internal sites. Site developed in ASP, SQLServer, and JavaScript. Last project included developing content for wireless devices such as cell phones and PDAs. This mobile content page is now used by KEXP.

Humboldt State University / ITS Department [5/2002 - 5/2003]

Position: IT Assistant
Administered and maintained lab servers and workstations for the College of Natural Resources and Sciences. User profile management via Windows NT PDC and Linux file servers via SMB and NFS. Built dual boot (XP and Linux) workstation prototypes and imaged using Ghostcast. Various hardware upgrades and installations when needed. Responded to faculty and student troubletickets.

Humboldt State University / CS Department [8/2001 - 5/2003]

Position: Internet Teaching Lab (ITL) T.A.
Installed, configured, and prepared labs for instructors. Lab contains enterprise networking equipment (Cisco 7000 series routers and 3Com, Cisco, and HP switches) for student and faculty use. Lab is isolated from campus backbone allowing students a hands-on approach to networking and faculty a chance to design labs that would otherwise compromise security. Administered RedHat Linux DNS, DHCP, and SMB file servers as well as dual boot workstation image management. Repairing and reconfiguring equipment after each lab session.

Personal Experience

Free vintage Vespa and Lambretta classified ads site to buy, sell, trade parts, accessories, and whole scooters. Built with Lithium framework and Bootstrap.


CafeRadius is a Linux OS image (based on Slackware 10) that integrates a radius server (Freeradius), captive portal (Chillispot 1.0), and user friendly web interface to successfully manage public wireless hotspots. It allows the hotspot owner to control per user logins, connection times, bandwidth, and total allowed transfer (both upload and download.) It is designed to work with embedded appliances based on the AMD Geode series processors and fits on a 256MB flash card. was an on-line community site similar to, yet pre-dated, MySpace and Facebook. Started as a senior-year "fun" project in the winter of 2002, the site went live in the early spring of 2003 and served as a social hub for Arcata and Eureka, CA. The site was completely built and maintained by me and was, at first, hosted on a server running from my studio apartment. After several redevelopments and three-years of maintenance, I decided to shut the site down. At its height, had over 2,000 users world-wide and was responsible for at least one marriage. Vestiges of the site can still be retrieved via


Humboldt State University

B.S. Computer Information Systems