Brent Scheffler

Brent Scheffler

Software engineer with a strong focus on SoA and development.

I'm a backend focused engineer specializing in service oriented architecture and development. I have over 15 years of experience in the field and strive to learn new things every day.

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Humboldt State University

B.S. Computer Information Systems, 2003


Tomorrow Ideas

Principal Architect, November 2016 - Present

Tomorrow is start-up dedicated to making sure every American has access to a legal Will and Trust.

  • Principal architect and lead developer on all backend initiatives
  • Continuous integration with Github, Travis CI, and AWS CodeDeploy
  • Microservice oriented architecture, leveraging containers and AWS ECS
  • Event driven architecture using SNS and SQS
  • DevOps: AWS VPC, ELB, EC2, SNS, SQS, SES, Redshift, CodeDeploy, CloudWatch, Snowflake
  • Many third-party API integrations


Sr. Software Engineer, Site Services August 2012 - November 2016

Zulily is an online retailer offering daily deals for Moms on everything from children's clothing, toys, furniture, and lots more.

  • Payments backend lead: versed in SOX and PCI
  • Built API from ground-up to support new version of mobile apps (iPad/iPhone & Android)
  • Built out fully RESTful API to support internal business services


Sr. Software Engineer April 2012 - July 2012

Playmark was a start-up focused on simplifying the NFL licensing process by creating a completely digital experience.

  • Lead development on and completed mobile app API.
  • Event tracking integration using KissMetrics.
  • Implemented significant gains in application performance by integrating various caching stragtegies (APC and Memcache.)
  • Tracked performance gains using New Relic service.

Wonderful Union

Software Engineer June 2008 - April 2012

Wonderful Union is a social media and community engine for artists and celebrities and their fans with features like member accounts and profiles, blogs, discussion forums, ticketing & VIP experiences, and merchandising. I lead the developers and direction of development of all company projects. Significant projects included:

  • Internal business management system (user and admin management, product, inventory, and warehouse management, order fulfillment, customer support, financial reports, etc). Built in ZendFramework.
  • End-to-end redesign and implementation of company order fulfillment process: including restructuring data model, integrating 3rd party shipping APIs, and setting up warehouse hardware.

Web Developer June 2005 - June 2008

The Windows Secrets Newsletter was a weekly e-mail newsletter about security related issues, especially in Microsoft products, including reviews of the latest patches from Microsoft.

  • Maintain and manage web site and e-mail servers
  • Develop new applications and automate day-to-day business practices
  • Web server is RHEL5 with Apache, MySQL, and PHP
  • Notable projects: extracting static archived HTML content into indexed & searchable content persisted in a database
  • Parsing of HTML files to extract data using regular expression pattern matching

KEXP 90.3 FM

Web Intern May 2005 - June 2005

Assist the webmaster with all aspects of web development on, both external and internal sites. Site developed in ASP, SQLServer, and JavaScript. Last project included developing content for wireless devices such as cell phones and PDAs.

Humboldt State University / ITS Department

IT Assistant May 2002 - May 2003

Administered and maintained lab servers and workstations for the College of Natural Resources and Sciences. User profile management via Windows NT PDC and Linux file servers via SMB and NFS. Built dual boot (XP and Linux) workstation prototypes and imaged using Ghostcast. Various hardware upgrades and installations when needed. Responded to faculty and student troubletickets.

Humboldt State University / CS Department

Internet Teaching Lab T.A. Auguest 2001 - May 2003

Installed, configured, and prepared labs for instructors. Lab contains enterprise networking equipment (Cisco 7000 series routers and 3Com, Cisco, and HP switches) for student and faculty use. Lab is isolated from campus backbone allowing students a hands-on approach to networking and faculty a chance to design labs that would otherwise compromise security. Administered RedHat Linux DNS, DHCP, and SMB file servers as well as dual boot workstation image management. Repairing and reconfiguring equipment after each lab session.



plaid-sdk-php provides PHP bindings for Plaid.

composer require tomorrow-ideas/plaid-sdk-php


Limber is a PHP micro-framework designed to be containerized. With such a diverse ecosystem of PHP packages, libraries, and tools, you pull-in only what your application actually needs. Fully compliant with PSR-7 HTTP Message, PSR-11 Container Interface, and PSR-15 HTTP Handlers (middleware).

composer require nimbly/limber


Capsule is a PSR-7 HTTP Message implementation with PSR-17 HTTP Factories included.

composer require nimbly/capsule


Shuttle is a simple PSR-18 HTTP Client implementation.

composer require nimbly/shuttle


ActiveResource makes calling an RMM Level 2 resource centric API a familiar experience by implementing the Active Record pattern.

composer require nimbly/activeresource


Remodel transform your models into a format fit for an API response. Serialize the data using the built-in JSON serializer or create your own.

composer require nimbly/remodel


Throttler is a simple rate limiter for your application with several out-of-the-box storage adapters. Limit requests by any factor: IP address, user ID, locale, etc.

composer require nimbly/throttler


Announce is a simple framework agnostic Event dispatcher for your event-driven application.

composer require nimbly/announce